Connect Metamask to xDai

How to connect your Metamask to the xDai network
If you have Metamask installed and unlocked with your password, Metamask will usually automatically prompt you to connect to the xDai network. If it doesn't, you can find the details for adding the xDai network manually at the bottom of this page.

Letting Metamask add xDai automatically

1. Visit a colony on, such as the Metacolony.
2. In the top right corner, click on "Connect Wallet" and choose Metamask.
3. You will see this message as well as a notification badge on the icon of your Metamask browser extension. Click on that Metamask icon, select your wallet and click "Next".
4. Confirm to add the xDai network to Metamask.
5. Confirm to switch from the currently selected network to the xDai network.
6. Once you see this screen with "xDAI Chain" selected in the top menu, you are successfully connected to the xDai network.

Manually adding or changing network settings

1 . Click on the Metamask icon to open the browser extension. Click on your profile image in the top right corner and click on "Add Network".
2. You will be forwarded to the Metamask settings. On the "Add a network" page, add in the xDai network details as shown below and click "Save".