What are Permissions in Colony, and how to manage them.

Manage Permissions

In addition to the ability to structure your organization in Teams, you can distribute authority within them.
There are currently 6 different permission types, that can be used to manage different aspects of the organization. To manage them, navigate to New Action > Advanced > Manage Permissions


Root allows you to take actions affecting the Colony as a whole, such as changing the colony details and minting tokens.


Administration allows you to create and manage expenditures, but not to fund them.


Architecture allows you to set permissions in the active Team, as well as changing the Team details. Architecture permission in Root allows you to create and edit Teams.


Funding allows you to fund expenditures, and transfer funds between Teams.​


Arbitration allows you to resolve disputes, make state changes, and punish bad behavior.


​Recovery allows you to disable the colony in an emergency, update storage, and approve reactivation. Recovery permission is only effective in Root.
Currently, the only way to distribute authority within a colony is to efficiently set permission in Teams and in Root.
Last modified 7mo ago